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July 2013 Newsletter

July 25, 2013

In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter:

Allow Your Backyard to Shine

reVISION is currently looking for the next National Award Winning Outdoor Kitchen.

“History has shown we’ve made a mark in the outdoor kitchen category. With completing two national award winning outdoor kitchen projects we can proudly admit that outdoor kitchens are right down our alley.” Read more…

5 Tips to Hiring a Professional Cleaner

Things you should know before hiring a professional cleaning company:

1. Do they have adequate insurance? If something were to happen while the cleaners are on duty you want to be protected. Ensure to check they have WCB and Insurance. Protect yourself.
2. Check what supplies the company uses. Professionals use professional grade chemicals and equipment and know what products can be mixed and what should be used on each surface to avoid pernament damage.
3. Professional Cleaners will give you…Read more

Construction in Reverse

Helen Carruthers from Light House Sustainability features reVISION Custom Home Renovations project “Create No Waste” in July’s article.

Light House chose a single-family home renovation undertaken by reVISION Custom Home Renovations. reVISION’s “Create No Waste” project was a 2012 Ovation Award Winner for Best Sustainable Renovation and reached an 85% recycle/reuse rate, calculated by Light House Sustainability. Read more

reVISION’S Featured Project

Create No Waste – Recycling Pilot Project

This character home on the east side of Vancouver was a full on recycling pilot project. Materials were carefully dismantled in the home rather than sent to the local landfill creating a huge burden on the environment.

The newly renovated home was designed for a family who enjoys the comforts of todays technology yet loves the character  of the home iand neighborhood.



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The Organic, Natural and Eco-Friendly Home

The organic, natural and eco-friendly home is a growing trend in Vancouver. Awareness of toxic exposures and microscopic particles benefit our overall health. Read more…

8 Successful Home Renovation Steps

reVISION shares 8 steps to a successful home renovation.
1. Do your Homework – Have a clear vision that will consider your lifestyle needs is imperative to your renovation.
2. Know how much you can afford – Check for current grants and rebates… Read more

Quick Tip – Add a Glimmer of Gold

A glimmer of gold will make your room shine. Make a unique, unexpected statement in any space with a glimmer of gold. Whether you add it as framework around a mirror or boldly glowing underneath cabinets, this statement piece will shine and bring old-luxuary as well as modern day art to your space.


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