Is it time to replace your windows?

Is it time to replace your windows? - Read this home renovation insight now.

With the wetter weather (hopefully) behind us. It might be time to replace your windows. Not only do your windows keep the heat in, but they also allow airflow throughout the home. Windows are also a statement that can be seen from inside and outside of the home. Tired, old windows impact your energy bill, the look of your home, and your home's value. Updating your windows makes an instant impact on your home environment and style. There's a range of styles, sizes, and locations to consider. Our personal favorite was a 'backsplash' window we created. It allowed our client to bring the outside in when cooking!

5 benefits to replacing your windows

  1. Decrease your energy bill
  2. Improve the 'curb appeal' of your home
  3. Increase the security of your home
  4. Improve the natural light in your home
  5. Improve the airflow in your home
  6. Soundproofing

How do I know when I need to replace my windows?

  1. Feeling drafts?
  2. Seeing condensation often?
  3. Windows are fogging up often?
  4. Is rot or mould present?
  5. Do you see cracked caulking?

When you're considering if you should replace your windows, it can feel like a large project to take on. Particularly if this includes adding windows or changing the sizes and layout of rooms to maximize the natural light. Reach out to us today if you would like to have a quote or discuss your options.