Winter Is Coming: How to keep your home warm

Winter Is Coming: How to keep your home warm - Read this home renovation insight now.

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Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

Temperatures in Vancouver in Winter are normally down to 38°F. It's extremely important to keep your home warm and well-insulated. Insulating your house will help preserve energy, costing you less money and helping to look after the environment. Over half of Canadians heat their homes with furnaces burning non-renewable energy sources. Conserving this heat is essential in Winter. If you are getting a home restoration and making improvements, it is really worth considering home insulation.

Identifying Problems With Your Insulation

If your heating costs are unreasonably high you may find that your home has insulation problems. The walls and floor of your house may be very cold to touch. You may also notice that mold is growing on the walls, particularly in the basement. If it's snowed and the snow on your roof has melted quickly, despite freezing temperatures, it may also indicate that there are issues with your roof insulation. Home insulation can be made to your house exterior, as well as the interior, basement and attic.

Keeping The Basement Warm

Keeping your home warm from the basement upwards will help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the winter months. Installing an ethanol fireplace in your basement is a really economical way of heating your home. They are cost effective and clean. You will feel the effects throughout the house as heat rises. This will also help prevent mold forming in the basement throughout the year.

Block Out The Drafts In Your Home

Making sure that the seals around doors and windows are in good repair will help to keep your home warm in winter. They are the most common reasons that there are drafts in your home. You can apply self-adhesive rubber seals to help with this and also use draft excluders. Canadian winters can be cold, but also windy, keeping this out will help to regulate the temperatures in the home. Make sure that you close your curtains at night. If it's sunny during the day, keep them open to let the heat and the light in.Finally if you have stone or brick internal walls, covering them, even with pictures and mirrors will help to insulate your home a little from the cold. Keeping your home well-insulated means that you are warm in winter. Good, effective insulation will also save energy, in turn saving you money.