Where we buy furniture in Vancouver

Where we buy furniture in Vancouver - Read this home renovation insight now.

You've completed your renovation and are looking to elevate it with your furniture selections. It doesn't matter if it's a condo, a townhouse, or a family home. Furniture can make or break a renovation. Ensuring the furniture doesn't contradict or distract from the design is really important. Check out where our Designers like to go shopping locally for furniture for our projects.

EQ3 Vancouver

EQ3 defines itself as a "modern Canadian approach to furniture." EQ3 offers a timeless, West Coast design that can easily slot into your home without drawing attention away from the design of your home. They steer away from 'trendy' pieces so you can rest assured that your items won't look tacky or dated anytime soon. They also provide the option to customize items such as chairs and sofas.

West elm

You can't really go wrong in West Elm. An American brand with its own design team that creates interesting pieces for your home. The style is modern and minimalist and typically leans towards younger customers. When purchasing big-ticket items we feel it's important that they are timeless and well made, which West Elm has nailed.


Another Canadian brand that started in Montreal. It's the perfect place to pick out pieces that you don't want to spend a small fortune on. The price is much more affordable some some of the other names on our list so can be perfect for picking out smaller items such as vases, pillows etc. It's also a really great option if you need to furnish a rental property or in-law suite on a tighter budget.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has more classic pieces that typically work better in larger homes. Their furniture is timeless as it leans more into the farmhouse, traditional neutral style. If your looking for larger items such as king size beds, super size sofas this is the perfect store.

Moe’s Home Collection

If you looking for more unique pieces Moe's is a really great option. They have a wide range of styles and their showrooms almost feel like an art gallery. Here you can find many unique sculptures and home decorations.


Homesense is the ultimate furniture treasure hunt. It's a potluck and if you're not confident with your style or what your looking for we would suggest staying away as it can pull you in all kinds of directions. However, If you looking for something in particular, such as bedding, a long mirror etc it can be the most affordable way to find a quality deal.

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