Why you should consider changing your home's layout

Why you should consider changing your home's layout - Read this home renovation insight now.

The home's layout is just not working for you 

How many times do you move from room to room? Or perhaps hit your hip on a corner when you go up the stairs? Your home’s layout should make sense for you and your family. Having awkward corners, a sink that’s too far away from the oven, or an awkwardly placed sofa can cause daily frustration. Your space needs to work for your lifestyle. This is why we think it’s invaluable to work with a Designer when planning your renovation. A Designer can advise the best layout for appliances, walls, doorways and will even consider your furniture.

You’re just not utilizing your home's layout 

You may not need to increase your square foot size, instead, it may be a case of better utilizing the space. Removing walls, doors or opening up a closet space can transform a home. In many cases, during renovations, we’ve found that it’s the layout and space allocation that needs to be tweaked to transform the home. 

You didn’t consider your furniture 

Failing to consider the type of furniture you want in your home or failing to buy furniture that fits your space and style can really destroy your home’s final look and feel. Particularly during a renovation, it’s important to consider if you want a large sofa, bed, dining table etc. This means our Designer knows to leave enough space for this when designing the floor plan for the non-negotiable items. 

Your circumstances have changed or will change

Covid has meant many people have had to adapt and work from home. Creating a home office or a place away from the noise to work has been a requirement for many. Other changes such as family visiting, your family growing or just spending more time at home may encourage a change to your home’s layout.

While there are many reasons you might wish to change your home’s layout it can feel like an overwhelming task. This is particularly true if the floorplan or structure of the home has to change. If you are considering a change, feel free to reach out for support from us.