How-To: Renovate a Small Space

How-To: Renovate a Small Space - Read this home renovation insight now.

As part of our how-to series, we’ll be walking you through how to renovate a small space, like a condo or specific area of your house. There are a couple key steps to watch out for and take into account. First thing’s first; 1. Create a wish list- what are you really looking for?Key things to consider; what will increase efficiency, is there enough light as is, what will meet both your short and long term needs? Are you looking for something modern? Something contemporary? Do you absolutely need to have a custom wine rack and cooling system (yes, yes you do)?

2. Nail down your budget and timeline- how much can you spend?Pro tip: Renovations are at their peak in summer/September. That means that chances are, permits take longer to be approved and the cost of labour ends up being pricier because contractors have the ability to bump their rates up. If you’re okay with waiting, January is a great time to get things accomplished quickly and on a lower budget. This is especially true for apartment renos, since most permits are quick to begin with, and renovations don’t require the cooperation of outside weather.

3. Now that you’ve figured out what style you’re looking for and the budget you’re looking at, it’s time to get in touch with a renovation company (us)!From here, we’ll lay out our process and ask you the key questions we need to know (i.e. what’s your budget, what are your must-haves). We’ll meet you at your place and do a tour of the space to get a feel of what we’re working with. Here’s where we take over!

4. Design, design, design.This is one of our favourite steps of the process. Our designers and contractors work together to create a space that’s tailored to you. We’ll take into account all the technical details, guaranteeing you an end space that simply put, just makes sense and looks great to boot.

5. Secure permits and order materials.Once designs have been approved and signed off on, we’ll go to the city on your behalf and get the permits approved. Once permits are approved, we’ll order materials.

6. Start demolition.Here’s where it gets real, it’s construction time! Whether that’s tearing down a wall, ripping down some old bathroom pieces, or pulling up tile, it starts to get a little messy (don’t worry- we’ll handle it).

7. The big stuff- painting, flooring installation, and molding.This is where your new home starts to come to life and you get to see the first hint of what’s to come. We’ll bring in a team of pros who are experts in their field to make sure you’re getting the quality you deserve.

8. Install cabinetry and appliances.Now comes the part where we install the less invasive, but equally important, finishings. These could include custom made cabinets, a European fridge built into the wall, your dream oven, whatever you want!

9. Finishing touches.Just about at the finish line! We’ll tidy up and place all our carefully picked decor around your space. Rest assured, you’ll end up with somewhere that feels just like home, the second you walk in.

10. Enjoy!Our favourite part of the process, this is where you get to enjoy your new space. Cheers!