Townhouse to OUR house

Townhouse to OUR house - Read this home renovation insight now.

Our latest clients wanted to renovate their dated townhouse which was previously owned by their grandfather. They wanted to update the main living spaces and add their own personal touches. You won’t believe it’s the same townhouse when you see the before and after photos! 

For this renovation project, we tackled the kitchen, dining, living, bathrooms, stairs and flooring throughout the home. We created space in the home by removing a number of walls and opened up the stairway to create a light and airy feel. Our clients worked with our Designer to transform their vision into their dream home.

The Townhouse Kitchen, Dining and Living area: 

The once dark, dated and gloomy kitchen in this townhouse is now light and trendy. The beautiful blue cabinets are complemented by pops of brass finishes. A large kitchen island and a bar area with a wine fridge were added for entertaining. Gone are the popcorn ceilings and dark flooring. By removing the partition walls and adding stunning feature lighting the home feels brand new. 

The Bathrooms: 

Previously dated, dark, cramped and unpractical, we opened up the bathrooms in this townhouse and added all modern fixtures and fittings. Each bathroom has it’s own unique style in keeping with the home. 

The Flooring and Stairs: 

By adding lighter flooring the size of the home feels like it’s doubled. We also changed the layout of the stairs to make it more open. 

If you're feeling inspired by this townhouse transformation, contact us to chat.