Reignite Your Love For The Bathtub

Reignite Your Love For The Bathtub - Read this home renovation insight now.

Bring Back The Bathtub!

The bath has been slowly pushed out of the bathroom to make way for double showers, double sinks and more bathroom storage. We’re about to make you question why you wanted to remove the cosy bathtub. Trust us, on a rainy PNW night your going to thank us when you're soaking your cold toes in that luxurious bathtub! Here is a list of bathtub styles to reignite your love for the tub.

The Modern Sleek


This one is for the minimalist out there. Bathtubs don’t need to be dated or boxy. We love this simple design with a matt black simple tap. Consequently, the placement of the tub, away from the wall allows the shape of the tub to grab your attention.

The Wooden Tub


Ok, we know this is very different! Feel like your floating down the river in your own personal boat. This masterpiece is certainly a showstopper. Perfect for bathrooms with natural materials are the center.

The Copper Tub


A stunning classic. This bathtub is perfect for heritage homes or bathrooms with the richer decor. Moreover, this tub will always be timeless and incredibly comfortable.

The Colourful Pop


You may want to go with a more traditional style tub with a shower for practical reasons, but it doesn’t mean it can't pop. Use tiles to make your bathtub the center of attention. This girly Moroccan style tile is a big hit with us! Classic style tubs don’t have to be boring.

The Space Saver


The main reason the bathtub gets the kick is space in the bathroom! Introducing the sit-up tub that saves space while still providing a relaxing spa to enjoy. This is great for smaller homes or condos.

The Wet Room

By combining the shower and the bathtub it not only saves space but ticks two boxes, bath and shower. We created this beautiful wet room which makes use of feature tiles and a linear drain.

The bedroom bath

Why does the bath have to be in the bathroom? Put your bath in your bedroom and free up space in your bathroom. Bedrooms tend to be bigger spaces, therefore you will feel far more relaxed laying in your bath with all that open space.