The benefits of a multiple-room renovation

The benefits of a multiple-room renovation - Read this home renovation insight now.

You’ve decided your home needs a renovation, but are unsure if you should do it in stages or a multiple-room renovation. We understand it may be a difficult decision. A decision that takes into consideration your budget and living arrangements. With that said, we believe there are many benefits of taking the plunge and renovating multiple rooms in your home at the same time. 


Have you ever walked into a home and felt that the design is inconsistent? By choosing a multiple-room renovation, it allows your designer to achieve a consistent look throughout. For example, if two years post-renovation you wanted the same flooring to flow from your previously renovated kitchen to the living room, that style may no longer be available. 

Wear & tear and environmental issues mean rooms, floors, paints and surfaces will age differently. Sourcing materials to match such as stone, granite, wallpaper and so on can become harder as time passes. If you want your home to look cohesive we recommend considering these factors. 


Living without your kitchen for a few weeks is painful. Imagine then a few months later having to live without your bathrooms for a week. This becomes even more challenging with larger families. Many people choose to move out and rent or live with friends or family when undergoing a whole home renovation or multiple-room renovation. It’s a short term annoyance for long term gain. Those that have been through it will tell you, limit the disruption to your life as much as possible. For example, having to take time off work to meet with vendors can become a strain. 

Never Got Around To It: 

Putting renovations off is understandable. However, we feel it’s important to renovate your home for you and the time you live there, not just to improve the sales value. Delaying multiple room renovations for years and then doing it six months before you sell means you never got to enjoy it. 

The Cost: 

While on paper the whole home renovation cost is going to look high, ultimately in the long run your saving money. It’s all about being efficient. Paying for installers to come out more than necessary quickly adds up. Plumbers and electricians typically on larger projects can charge for the day. While smaller projects they charge hourly rates. Having garbage/waste removal and clean up costs for each mini-project can also add up instead of a one-off fee. 

Strata and Neighbour Disruption: 

Depending on the type of property you own and are planning to renovate. It’s important to remember that it’s not just you that will be living through the renovation. It’s also your neighbours. While pleasing the folks next door might not be your number one priority, it’s an important consideration. Do you want to ask your Strata for multiple approvals or get a number of complaints from neighbours? Keeping your renovations to a set period can make your environment and relationships with the people around you better. 

Ultimately, we understand a number of factors can limit the ability to complete a whole home renovation. However, having completed many, many types of renovations. We find our happiest clients are those that renovate multiple rooms at the same time, rather than pacing them out. It’s satisfying to see our clients able to relax and enjoy their new home for years to come, knowing there will be no further disruptions.