Custom Cabinetry: What to consider

Custom Cabinetry: What to consider - Read this home renovation insight now.

Custom Cabinetry is a hot topic at the moment. You only have to type this into Instagram to see the beautiful custom kitchens and built-in storage units that have been custom-built.

Before embarking on enlisting the help of a carpenter or starting a conversation with a renovation project management team such as us, it's useful to consider what type of style cabinetry you're looking to achieve. For example, there is traditional vs modern. It's also important to consider what type of wood you would like to use. It's useful to review what wood is already present in the home. By either matching this or creating a contrast in the same tone it can bring your home together in a cohesive design. Consider if you want Oak, Pine, Maple, etc and you may want to also match this to the period the home was built in.

Another consideration is how you plan to use the space. If your having custom kitchen cabinetry, make a list of non-negotiable needs. For example, do you like having your spices visible? Perhaps you want your coffee machine hidden? You can get a lot of ideas from Instagram and Pinterest for this list.

Consider the additional touches such as handles. Screengrab photos of custom cabinetry that you like and really inspect what you like about it. For example, you might decide you want chrome pull handles, but also consider if you want them all the same size or different lengths. It's the small details like this that elevate and bring the custom cabinetry to life!

If you are considering a renovation project that includes custom cabinetry. We work with a range of fantastic vendors. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote.