Get Your Home Winter Ready

Get Your Home Winter Ready - Read this home renovation insight now.

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Get your home winter ready during the cold Canadian winter season doesn’t always need to be complex or expensive.

There are some simple steps you can take to keep the chill at bay and get your home ready for Winter. If you are remodelling it's worth taking the opportunity to introduce a more eco-friendly heating system. They are designed to fit your particular requirements and installed with charm and practicality in mind.


The most modern, powerful or efficient heating is next to useless if the house is not adequately insulated. Needless to say, any heat generated will go straight through the roof, walls, floors, doors or windows if insulation is not taken care of. Insulation is also necessary if damage to property is to be avoided. Your home will probably already have double glazed windows, but are they letting cold air in through poor seals? This is also true of doors - the front, back or side doors in particular. Check and then seal up any holes or gaps in the outside walls or roof. These could be left over from previous fittings, e.g. aerials or satellite dishes or even ventilation units. By sealing them up you are preventing cold air and water from getting in. Again, if you are remodeling, it makes sense to look at the most environmentally friendly sources of energy available.

Add a fireplace

What can be more inviting on a cold winter evening than an open hearth? Get your home ready for Winter with a fireplace. A fireplace can be an effective source of heating for one room. Particularly if you have already had it insulated.If you are considering a traditional wood fire or burner you will need to check that you have a suitable wall for the chimney to exit. Make sure there are no local restrictions on burning wood. If you want the look and effect of an open fire but don't like thought of burning trees, you could install a Zero Clearance Fireplace. This burns natural gas or propane and can be placed almost anywhere in the room. Choosing this type of fire would also require less remodelling.

Whole House Heating

Building a house or renovating is the perfect time to consider your heating options which may depend on your location. With growing concerns about the viability of fossil fuels and the need to conserve trees for the health of the environment. It may be worth looking at alternative heating ideas to get your home ready for Winter. The hot water in your home needed for washing can also be used to heat the whole house. You might not need a huge tank, which means you can save space as well as energy. If you like the idea of an on-demand water supply, then a tankless water system is the way to go. The water can be heated by various means and if your location is suitable, it's worth fitting solar panels alongside any other source of energy.Having your dream home inevitably includes deciding how to keep it suitably warm. It is well worth taking the time to consider all the options available to you. It's important to choose an environmentally responsible company to help you.