Don't clean your grout with vinegar! An interview with Centura Tile

Don't clean your grout with vinegar! An interview with Centura Tile - Read this home renovation insight now.

We caught up with Harbi Kalsi from Centura Tile to find out his thoughts on all hard finishes (flooring and wall tiles) for 2018. Harbi highlights how you can pick the perfect finish, how to look after your hard surfaces and how to make sure you pick something you won't regret!

Harbi, who is Centura Tile?

Centura Tile offers a wide range of wall and floor tiles, LVT, rubber and PVC resilient flooring, and carpet for commercial and residential spaces. Founded in 1933, we are the largest multi flooring distributor in Canada, with 14 branches across the country.

What colors and textures do you think are going to be popular in 2018?

In 2018 we are going to see different shapes of tiles become very popular. Clean marble looks and grey earthy tones will also be trendy this year. As these trends are simplistic we think they will have longevity, and therefore are a great investment.[gallery columns="5" size="medium" ids="|,|,|,|,|"]

What's the most important thing to do or account for during an install?

During an install it's important to make sure to acclimate certain materials and to double check products are correct and have no imperfections prior to install. Most importantly, it's essential to follow the manufacturers installation requirements.

Any top tips for keeping your grout and tiles clean?

Firstly, use our power grout. This grout has permanent stain resistance, crack resistance and colour uniformity. It also doesn't need sealing. Secondly, stay away from heavily textured products for ease of maintenance. Finally, don’t use vinegar to clean grout as it will eat at the grout and polished finished porcelains.


What's the best piece of advice you would give to a client picking out a tile for flooring?

Pick something you that won’t be bored of after a while. It's your house so you have to live with it until you are willing or can afford to change it. Don't let an installer cloud your opinion, stand strong on what you want.

What would you say to a client picking out a tile for wall application?

Go neutral, borders are dated, keep it clean and simple. It also means your home will be more appealing if you ever decide to sell.

What can clients do to prepare, prior to coming into your showroom?

Take a look online, magazines, etc to get an idea of what trends you like. Bring in pictures of the area that you want to be floored. It's also useful to bring in samples or pictures of your current or planned cabinets and countertops to allow us to help you select flooring or tiles that will complement these.[gallery size="medium" ids="|,|,|"]

Are there lines that are more suitable for environments that require non slip such as showers?

Yes, FORBO Sure Step is a slip resistant product that is used in hospitals and commercial kitchens. We also have porcelains that have R9 slip rating or higher.Find out more about Centura Tile and view their product range here.