Get prepared for your home renovation.

Get prepared for your home renovation. - Read this home renovation insight now.

Getting prepared for your home renovation regardless if it's big or small can feel overwhelming. The preparation time can change depending on the scale of the renovation. Furthermore, if you plan to live in your home during the renovation or not. We've put together a checklist to help you get prepared, so you can swap that anxious feeling with excitement.

Decide what you need to pack

Decide if you just need to cover your furniture with drop cloths or if you need to remove items from your home. For example, if your renovation includes flooring, you may want to move furniture out of the way. This will include finding storage facilities and or somewhere to live for the duration of the renovation. If you can't move your furniture, decide what needs to be covered or if you have a room in your home that will be renovated later in the process and can be used for storage until then.

Create a 'Project Base'

This base might be a kitchen wall or a dining table. You will likely need samples on-site, paperwork, a timeline, paint samples etc lots of these items can be stored on your laptop but there will also be a need for physical samples. Ensure you dedicate a space for everything you or your contractors might need.

Clear the walls and shelves

It's important that you remove what you can to avoid items getting lost or breaking. While contractors always try to be careful, accidents can happen. Contractors might also need to gain access to walls so items like mirrors, artwork etc should be removed. That's said, speak to your Contractor or Project Manager for confirmation.

Consider your living situation

If you are unable to live in the property during the renovation you will need to consider where you and your family can go. Some clients try to renovate before they move into their home, however, we understand this isn't always possible. If rooms such as your kitchen or bathroom is going to be renovated, or you work from home it might be best to consider living with a friend or family member or renting an airbnb or short-term rental for the period of the renovation. Don't forget to tell the neighbors.

If you are considering a renovation and want to know more regarding getting prepared for your home renovation, please feel free to reach out to us today to chat.