reVISION Review: What's Happening Weekly

reVISION Review: What's Happening Weekly - Read this home renovation insight now.

Revision reVIEW: Renovation News

It's now September which means the start of Fall and Labour Day weekend. With that said, we hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and are ready to take on this month in style! We feature historical homes, porches and find out if bubblegum pink is really a new trend to follow!


To-Dos: Your September Home Checklist

Houzz helps us out by putting together a great to-do list for September. A useful list of both inside and outdoor jobs that need to be done around September makes our lives a little easier. September is such as busy time with the kids going back to school and the weather changing, it can be easy to forget what needs to be done around the house. From ordering firewood to buying cosy layers for the couch. Check out the list here.


How To Add Style To A Historical Home

House and Home let us step inside a light-filled historical home with a stunning modern interior. Heritage homes are now stranger to vancouver. Many of the homes in Vancouver are older and it can be hard to know how to modernize them without loosing the character of the house. Check out this great video.


These 8 Relaxed Porches to watch the world go by

It's no secret that outdoor space is hard to find if you live in Metro Vancouver. Sometimes here in Vancouver, a porch may be all that you can get. Houzz has hunted out the 8 most relaxed porches, check them out here.


Bubblegum pink - are you into this trend?

What do you think? The Lux Pad debated around the apparent new trend - Bubblegum pink! From hot pink to rose, pink has and always will be on the scene. We have to admit we do have a soft spot for pink (think Beverley hills hotel pink) What do you think? Check out their blog here. Get An Estimate Today