Revision reVIEW: What's Happening Weekly

Revision reVIEW: What's Happening Weekly - Read this home renovation insight now.

Revision reVIEW: Renovation News

This week it's all about simplicity. Creating a space which has the right colours, simple furnishings and no clutter! Houzz helps us out with their top tips to declutter while Todd Talbot gives us major home inspo. We might not be able to afford those views, but we can follow suit and make our homes simple and tidy!


Paint your room virtually!

It's always difficult to tell what a paint colour will actually look like in your room with your furniture. BEHR have created a tool which allows you to load pictures of your room and paint the walls virtually. No more trial and error needed! Check out the tool here.


A Look Inside the Spectacular Home 'LIOLIV' Star Todd Talbot Just Listed

Todd Talbot's Lions Bay home is simply stunning! "Along with a passion for creating a unique and comfortable sanctuary for his family, Todd’s commitment to sustainability is also what inspired his decision to renovate instead of start anew". Read more here and view the photos.


10 Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less matter how much you tidy up it always seems to build up again. Houzz have given us 10 projects we can do to declutter which actually work. Check them out here.


How To Live Large In A Small Condo

House and Home's latest video shows us how to make 600 square foot feel so much bigger! Many people in Vancouver face the challenge of living in small spaces. This video shows you how you can make the most of it! Watch it here