Should I start with an exterior or interior renovation?

Should I start with an exterior or interior renovation? - Read this home renovation insight now.

If you're considering renovating your whole home you might be wondering if you should start with the exterior or interior renovation first. Before you decide it's important to consider the current state of the home. If you have leaky ceilings or know you want to extend your home before adding in a new kitchen, it's an easy decision to start with the exterior.

Typically we recommend, renovating as much as possible at the same time. It's a large upfront cost but ultimately it's cheaper in the long run to only have to call out trades such as plumbers or electricians once for a project rather than multiple times. With that said, we understand that whole home renovations can be costly, and therefore you may need to approach it in stages.

Make a list

You want to consider all the tasks you will need to complete during your renovation and make a list in the order you would logically have to approach them. For example, you wouldn't install new flooring before changing the shape or layout of a room. Once you have made this list you may find you have to start with the structure of the home before the interior. If not, you have the luxury of deciding what to tackle first. Consider your current savings. For example, right now, you may have enough to paint the exterior of your home but not enough for a brand new kitchen.

You may also want to consider the season. For example, if it's the start of winter, it would be best to start with your interior and save the exterior work until the warmer, dryer months.

Renovations feel more productive and rewarding when you can start ticking projects off quickly. To build the momentum you could add some smaller tasks such as interior paint to the start of the project list to get 'the ball rolling' in the right direction.

If you're considering an exterior or interior renovation and don't know where to start our Project Managers can help advise and provide a free quote. Reach out for an estimate today.