reVISION stages of pre-construction: Part 2

reVISION stages of pre-construction: Part 2 - Read this home renovation insight now.

Pre-construction is arguably more important than the renovation stage. Without the right foundations and plan of action, your project is significantly more likely to encounter hurdles and issues. We're picking up where we left off in our two-part feature “stages of pre-construction”. If you haven’t read part 1, check it out here. 

A reminder, at the end of part 1 we just submitted the permit to the city for approval. 

Stage 7: The finishing selections

If your permit submission (if your project required one) is approved we are able to move forward with the project. If it was rejected, at this stage it's required we make some tweaks to the plan of action. Your Project Manager will support you throughout. 

Our Designer will coordinate a shopping day to establish which finishes you would like to purchase for your renovation. For instance, reviewing final tile, flooring or kitchen options. It’s likely at this stage based on the conversations and samples we have provided, that you have a pretty clear idea of what you want. Typically we take clients to the vendor’s showrooms so they can ask detailed questions and see the products in action. It’s the shopping trip you have been waiting for and a monumental stage during the process as the finished renovation is now in sight!

Stage 8: Project plans are updated

Once all the finishing selections have been made, it’s now possible for the Project Manager and Designer to add these costs alongside the labour costs into the budget. At this stage, our Designer adds all the selections into the floor plans. For example, the tile and flooring patterns or layout, the shower height, tap locations, light fixture etc. This allows the builders to understand exactly where and how items will be placed during construction.

We require you to review the latest scope of work and sign off on the amended budget based on the selections. 

Stage 9: Pre-construction complete. Onto construction

It’s time! Your project is now ready to get started and construction can commence. 

While it might be tempting to skip to the construction stage we know firsthand how important pre-construction is. Furthermore, without a plan of action, a budget and scope etc, construction can be messy and costly. Finally, combine that with no Project Management and no Designer, it’s likely you will be disappointed with the process and the outcome. 

If you are considering a renovation, feel free to reach out to us at no obligation