Clever & Innovative Renovation Ideas

Clever & Innovative Renovation Ideas - Read this home renovation insight now.

During a renovation, we've all done it. Scanning pinterest to find the clever, innovative renovation ideas you can incorporate into your home. We've done the hard work for you and put together a Pinterest board which we think will make your life easier. We love including innovate features in our renovations. Here is an overview of a few ideas to get you thinking about your next project...


Stairs Storage

Finding a place to put those pesky shoes that pile up at the bottom of the stairs can be difficult. Shoe racks don't hide them well enough for our liking and cupboard space is precious. We love this idea of storing your shoes in the stairs.


Pull out bins

How useful would it be to be able to scrape food scraps straight to the bin! These bins are easy reach, hidden away and right where you need them most.


Bathroom Storage

So you've had your bathroom renovated and now you have to add all the life essentials like shampoo bottles. All of a sudden the bathroom doesn't look as nice. This storage pull out is a great idea to hide all the daily essentials.


Laundry storage

Finding a place to put your dirty clothes before washing can take up lots of room. Separating colours is always a drag. We love this laundry storage as it makes all those problems disappear.


Small touches count

It's easy to overlook the small touches. It's a busy morning and your rushing around getting ready. The last thing you want to do is put a hot hair dryer on your lovely new bathroom counter. Little touches, like adding a place to hold and store these types of items make your life easier.


Extendable Balcony

Outdoor space is hard to find. The hot summers in the Lower Mainland can be difficult to handle without a little outdoor space. This is a great solution to bring fresh air into a room.These are just some of our favourite of many ideas we found on Pinterest and have created in previous renovations. Check out the Pinterest board here to see the images up close.