Renovating a vacation home: Things to consider

Renovating a vacation home: Things to consider - Read this home renovation insight now.

Owning a vacation home is the ultimate dream for many people! Somewhere you can escape to with friends and family, or alternatively rent out to create a second income stream. 

Think about a time you have stayed in a hotel or airbnb that has blown you away. That’s the feeling you want to create when you or your guests stay. 

For many, this means renovating your vacation home to ensure it’s the ultimate luxury pad. To help you achieve your dream vacation home we have put together a list of considerations before you begin your renovations.

Decide who you’re renovating your vacation home for 

If you don’t plan to rent your vacation home out, it’s simple, you’re renovating for your own taste. However, if like many owners, if you do plan to rent it out, you will need to consider your guest’s tastes and needs too. 

It’s important to establish who typically stays at your vacation home. Is it a one-bedroom or a family home? Do you need to consider adding an office or facilities for children? If you’re been renting your home prior to renovating, did guests provide any feedback that you can use when deciding how to approach the renovation? 

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Guests want to feel considered and taken care of. For example, having a good number of washrooms vs bedrooms. Furthermore, having a full kitchen to provide guests with the option to eat in. Even smaller touches such as providing a mirror and convenient power outlets in each bedroom will go a long way when pleasing guests.  

Consider your curb appeal

While renovating the interior of your home is likely the priority, it’s important not to neglect the exterior. Making a good first impression is important. Your guests want to be wowed from the moment they arrive. 

Even if you don’t plan to rent it out, we think improving your curb appeal will help you enter ‘vacation mode’ from the moment you arrive. 

Improving the landscaping around the home or brightening the paint colours can make a big impact. When renovating an apartment we understand that these changes are harder to achieve. With that said, adding a welcome mat or small plant by the door can make the home feel welcoming.

Consider your fixtures and fittings 

Tailoring your finishings to the home’s planned usage will help the renovation look fresh for longer. For example, if you plan to have high foot traffic and suitcases rolling across the floors every week, it’s important to consider durable flooring. However, if the home is for personal use, you might see this an opportunity to ‘splash out’ and select finishes that you might not have in your full-time home, such as marble worktops. 

Consider options that elevate your home such as having two sinks in the bathrooms, adding large mirrors or even a wine fridge will make the home feel more luxurious. 

Making it easy to clean

With high foot traffic, or in some cases the home sitting empty for some time, you want to ensure the vacation home is easy to clean. Selecting surfaces that are easy to wipe clean, or paint finishes that are scuff proof can keep the home looking fresh for longer. 

When you're renting, you may hire a cleaner to clean between visits. You want to make their job as quick as easy as possible to keep your costs down. For example, if you’re renovating an apartment, consider installing or upgrading a washer and dryer. 

It’s important to consider the balance of luxury and durability when renovating a vacation home. Working with a Designer allows you to consider all your options. Our Designer could bring to light something that you hadn’t already thought of. Working with a Project Manager ensures that you don’t have to be at the vacation home 24/7 to ensure the project gets completed on time and to budget. 

While renovating a vacation home is exciting, it can also be overwhelming without support from a company in the local area. If you’re considering a renovation in the Greater Vancouver area we would love to help.