Revision reVIEW: What's Happening Weekly

Revision reVIEW: What's Happening Weekly - Read this home renovation insight now.

Revision reVIEW: Renovation News

It's the start of August and the weather is getting hotter by the minute! With the start of the new month comes that need to refresh and get organized! Houzz is our go to source this week with a useful checklist for the start of August. We also touch upon bathroom and bedroom changes you can make to ensure your life is more practical and enjoyable.


To-Dos: Your August Home Checklist

We feel like we blinked and it's August, how did that come around so quickly? A new month is a fresh start to get organized and luckily Houzz has provided us with the ultimate August checklist. From organizing your closet to back to school tasks, they have don't the hard work for all of us. Check out the list here.


Before and After: 6 Bathrooms That Said Goodbye to the Tub

Are you thinking of getting rid of the bathroom tub? perhaps you want a totally new bathroom? Houzz have a great album of before and after photos for some great inspo! Sometimes bathrooms not only look better without a tub but they before far more practical. Check out the album here.


10 Technologies Reshaping the Bedroom

"Ideally the bedroom is a dedicated domain for sleep – a calm, quiet, and peaceful oasis in our otherwise busy, loud, and stressful lives. But as goes with most everything in our WiFi connected lives, the bedroom typically inhabits a multi-purpose duty beyond sleep." Check out these new technologies Design Milk has found which can improve sleep quality, tell when your awake, shade your windows without blinds and more! Read more


Photos: Lululemon unveils revamp of first location in Vancouver's Kitsilano 'hood

When you think of Vancouver it's likely you will think of one of the ultimate brands that's come out of the city - Lululemon. Lululemon has recently refreshed and renovated the store that started it all. "Originally opened in 2000, the boutique was Lululemon’s first standalone stop after its founding by Chip Wilson two years earlier." Check out the photos here.