4 Steps to Building Your Dream Room - Wine Cellar Edition

4 Steps to Building Your Dream Room - Wine Cellar Edition - Read this home renovation insight now.

"Where there is no wine there is no love" states president of reVISION, Todd Senft. Wine plays witness to our most intimate moments. Over wine we fall in love, celebrate, negotiate, and simply relax. It is the music that underscores our story. Building a wine cellar in your home is a special way to celebrate that most special of substances. With inspired design, wine cellars not only protect your liquid assets, they add flair, intrigue, and prestige to your home and create a unique space for wine tasting and entertaining. You expect the best from your wine and should demand nothing less of the designer and contractor building your dream room. Here are 4 steps to follow.

1. Needs Assessment

The designer should meet with you to assess your needs, budget, and space. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

design plan for home renovation wine cellar

*How will the room be used – simply for storage or also for entertaining? *What style do you want – a taste of Tuscany or a sleek, modern design?*What type of racking is required?*What are the technical considerations – humidity, ceiling height, ventilation requirements?Remember the construction of a wine cellar must satisfy the essential conditions for wine preservations.

2. Design

The designer will present multiple design approaches for your consideration and approval. Carefully review lighting options and finishes

dark wood cabinetry wine cellar

for floors, walls and cabinetry – these elements will define the flavour of your room.I recently read an article, "This Man Put A Secret Window On His Kitchen Floor. The Reason? GENIUS", I was inspired by the creativity of the designer. An absolutely stunning idea.

3. Construction

A qualified contractor will provide a comprehensive schedule, certified trades and warranty. Read 8 Successful Home Renovation Steps - Hiring A Professional Contractor to get an idea of what to look for when hiring a qualified contractor.

4. Cheers!

pouring red wine from wine cellar

Remove the cork fill a glass and enjoy!Creating a wine cellar for your new or existing home should be like a fine wine … easy on the palette with a lovely, lasting finish.