Projects you should never DIY

Projects you should never DIY - Read this home renovation insight now.

It might be tempting to cut corners and take on all projects as DIY. However, there are a number of projects that are better left to the professional. The end results, safety, and resale value of your home can be impacted if you decide to take on the below projects on yourself.


Cutting corners on plumbing can be costly in the long run. Unless you're are trained plumber, mistakes can easily be made that can impact you and your neighbors. Leaks can be costly to fix. For larger projects, it's best to leave your plumbing tasks to a professional who understands all of the rules and regulations and can carry out the work safely. That said, smaller projects such as unblocking a pipe are easier to take on yourself.

Electrical work

It might seem tempting to try and rewire and install a new light fixture location yourself but electrical work can be really dangerous. We recommend leaving all electrical work to the experts. In addition to electric shocks, there is a greater chance for a fire to occur when repairs are not completed correctly. For peace of mind, leave it to the experts.

Removing a wall

We recommend that you don't take this project on yourself. Typically you'll need a structural engineer to evaluate the wall before knocking it down and possibly even city permissions. Making major changes to the structure of the building shouldn't be decisions made on a whim and experts should be consulted.

Removing asbestos

Homes built or renovated before the year 2000 could have asbestos insulation. It's recommended that if asbestos is found that an expert removes it and it must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

While we don't want to discourage you to take on smaller DIY projects such as adding shelves, hanging pictures etc. We understand the value of having experts such as ourselves managing the larger projects. Let's have a chat about your next project.