What To Ask Before Renovations Start

What To Ask Before Renovations Start - Read this home renovation insight now.

Know What To Ask Before Renovations Begin

Renovating your home can be an overwhelming task. Knowing the right questions to ask can really help you manage your expectations and build a trusting and transparent relationship with your contractor.

[gallery size="medium" ids="|Before,|During,|Bold New Fireplace - Play Me a Tune"]It's your home, your money and your vision! You want to ensure you investigate and explore all of your options and know what you are singing up to. Think of your first meeting with your renovator like an interview. You need to know that you can work together and trust them. Find out what you need to ask before renovations start.

Ask about the company

How long have they been doing business? If it's a long time, it's likely they have completed successful renovations and have happy clients. It also means they will most likely have built strong relationships with suppliers which means you'll have lots of choice of material and perhaps even a cheaper rate.

Who will be at the renovation site?

So far you may have only dealt with one person, but who will be at your home every day? Do they have employees or is it contractors? What's the process of opening and locking your home if you aren't there? How often will you need to be on site/available? All important questions to find out to help you plan your work/life balance while your renovation is taking place.

How will you present the budget and how do I pay?

Some contractors will tell you the top line cost. Others like us at reVISION Renovations provide a detailed and transparent cost breakdown. Will you be able to see all the material costs, design time costs and mark up? How will you be paying for your renovation? Will you be paying in one lump sum, weekly or as items are billed?

How will you protect my home and the items in it?

This must be asked before the demolition stage. Is there a process for protecting your belongings and anything in your home that is remaining throughout the renovation. For example, ask do you cover carpets/flooring. Do you move furniture? It seems like a simple question, but you will be able to gauge the level of professionalism and care the company take by their answer given.

Will you obtain the correct permits and design around this?

Some contractors will try to cut corners. It's important that you obtain the correct building permits and that your design has been worked around the limitations of this. Ask about this process to ensure your new home will be to code. All of our team including designers understand the code and regulations. This will save you time and money.

How will you communicate with me during the renovation?

It's important you express how involved you would like to be during the renovation. Do you want to be called or emailed? What does your renovator normally do when decisions need to be made. How often will you need to come back into the office? If you don't click with the people at the renovation company, or don't like how they work, it's likely your whole renovation process will be a struggle.

Is there anything about my renovation that concerns you?

Is there anything the renovator is concerned about? Or perhaps, is there anything they are not capable of completing for you?

How long is this renovation going to take?

You need to make plans to either live in an unaffected area of your home, stay with friends/family or get a hotel or Airbnb. You need to ensure it’s a realistic time scale which will help you set your expectations.Our goal at reVISION Renovations is to help clients love their homes. We do this by guiding them through a clear and transparent renovation process, supporting them every step of the way. Before renovations, during and after.Request an Estimate Today