Top 10 Misconceptions About Home Design

Top 10 Misconceptions About Home Design - Read this home renovation insight now.

There are some typical misconceptions about home design we aim to address in the next 10 points. We all want a modern and beautiful home to live in. However, most of us cannot afford to buy a new home when we begin our adult journey. We usually opt for a home that is structurally sound and well-cared for. We move into this home that reflects the taste and life of the previous owner and plan to redesign the home as soon as possible. There are many myths and misconceptions concerning home designs and home designers. We are going to try to debunk these misconceptions for you with these 10 tips.1. I can do it myself and save money.This is usually not true. A designer is not simply a person who has an eye for colors and fabrics. They are professionals with an eye for design and floorplan of the house. Choosing fabric is a small part of the designer’s job, you are actually spending more than they would have charged you for the same work.2. All home designers are femaleLike any other profession, there are male and female home designers. In order to become a home designer you must meet specific (college level) educational requirements and in-depth training. The field is open to either sex.3. All a designer does is work with fabrics, drapes, and color.A designers job is to inspect the home and design it in a way that will maximize usable living space and increase the value of your home. In order to do their job, a designer must be familiar with:

  • Home layouts
  • Blueprints
  • Building codes
  • Inspection regulations
  • Architecture

4. If you have a good contractor, you do not need a designer.While a good contractor is a must, their job is to remodel, renovate, and repair. They work closely with the home designer to ensure the renovations requested are possible while maintaining the integrity of the home. They help determine when upgrades require more than the minimal required materials. While their work does improve property value and contributes to the home aesthetically, the look of the home is not their job or expertise. 5. A designer will always want the most expensive products available.A designer is like any other business person. They know that in order to get return business and recommendations, they must give you great service at reasonable prices. It is true that they want quality items, but they keep their eye on the industry and select items like the modern pieces at Maestro Bath. This is quality and luxury at a great value,6. Designers keep the colors drab and basic because it sells better and allows new owners easier decorating. A designer will work with you on the colors you like. They will add splashes of color to accent the special features of the home. People want to see a home when they look at buying. Your home should reflect your style and likes, not the ones of some future buyer.7. Pools always add value to a home.Some people want homes with pools, but some do not. People with small children and pools are not a good combination. Pools also require time and maintenance. Some people are not interested in adding any more work into their home and opt not to have a pool.8. Designers and contractors cannot work in the winter.In some cases, a contractor or designer may postpone a job due to rain or snow, but most jobs can be done year round. You may choose winter months because they are usually available during winter. 9. Only the inside of the house matters, that is where I need to invest.Your home must have good curb appeal. You could have perfect and beautifully designed interiors but if the house looks worn and uncared for from the street, buyers will not stop to go inside. 10. Outdoor buildings on the property do not matter.Having a beautiful yard, storage areas, and a yard to relax in is a major selling point. The trend is to purchase a backyard pub. Click here to see shed and outdoor pub ideas. We hope we cleared up some the misconceptions you had about home designers. When you are ready to renovate your home, have a pro on your team, contact us today.Author BioWendy is a super-connector with and who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.