5 Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Basement A Makeover

5 Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Basement A Makeover - Read this home renovation insight now.

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Basement Makeover

A survey has shown that more Canadians will be renovating their homes this year. Moreover, the rising cost of house prices are making Canadians think twice about buying a new home, and 56% of homeowners are opting to stay put and renovate instead of moving to a new place. One of the top projects that homeowners will be undertaking this year is basement renovation as it has been estimated that by making improvements to an unfinished basement, you can get a return on investment of about 73%. reVISION Custom Home Renovations specialize in renovations and have completed some fantastic basement renovations adding value to their clients homes. While renovation is the best option for ROI, it may not be and immediate option due to finances. Here are some handy ideas to help improve your basement DIY style.

Create An Accent wall

One of the best ways to keep your basement remodel within your budget is to find a simple way to update your space. Creating an accent wall is one way to hide design flaws as it can disguise an oddly shaped basement. Try painting one wall with a dark color for drama, such as navy blue, and paint all other walls in a neutral shade.

Stick To A Color Scheme

Sticking to a color scheme gives your basement a richer feel, even if you spent very little money on it. Try to coordinate paint colors with rugs, furniture, accessories, and the like. To create a calming space, try combining a watery blue with graphite, white, and light gray. For a warm and sophisticated feel, combine merlot red with white, cedar, and chocolate brown.

Add A Gorgeous Rug

Basement floors can be very cold, so remedy this problem by adding a big area rug to your décor. Not only will it make the room instantly cozy, but it will also hide unsightly stains and minuscule imperfections on your basement floor.

Create Storage Solutions

If you’ve been using your basement to store seasonal clothing, mementos, and other knick-knacks, you may want to throw out those cardboard boxes and create efficient and beautiful storage solutions that will add to the beauty of your basement. You can have custom cabinets, or build simple shelves to hold matching baskets or containers to hold your items.

Add Decorative Touches

Enhance colour and light with lamps and pendant lights. Accents such as artwork, pillows, and throws can soften the look of your basement and make it an inviting place to stay in. You can also place a few indoor plants that don’t require much light such as snake plant, dracaena, maidenhair fern, creeping fig, and bromeliads to liven up your basement.These tips are fantastic to achieve a livable space on a DIY budget. For a larger renovation such as adding a suite, cinema room, storage space or other basement options contact reVISION Custom Home Renovations. They can help with the design and construction of your new basement, helping you to achieve your dream basement.Get a Free Estimate Request Today!