Simple and Cost-Effective Ways To Renovate Your Rental Property

Simple and Cost-Effective Ways To Renovate Your Rental Property - Read this home renovation insight now.

A majority of Canadian homeowners are opting to rent out their home rather than sell it. If you’re thinking about leasing your home, experts say that property owners should get an updated comparative market analysis from their broker or sales rep. You should also think about renovating your home as a 'spruced up' house is more appealing to prospective renters. Basement upgrades are some of the most popular renovation jobs in the country, followed by painting, heating, and air conditioning. However, decorating and renovating doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Even doing a few changes can make your home more inviting. Moreover, you can maximize your rental income through decoration and renovation. Here are a few simple and cost-effective ways to renovate before renting out your home.

Give your home some curb appealMaking small changes to the exterior of your home can refresh the look of your house. Whether you’re looking to rent your property out to family members or someone you’ve just met, giving your home some curb appeal can ensure that your place is the most desirable rental property on the block. Try painting your front door, trim, and shutters, then upgrade your mailbox. If your house numbers are looking a bit dingy, replace them with new and shiny models. You should also spruce up your doorway with potted plants, and add a few window boxes containing pretty flowers to give your home a lift.Add well-chosen accessoriesA wall hanging or painting can enhance your living room. If your carpet is looking a little threadbare, you may want to consider choosing an area rug to refresh the look of your sitting area. Your kitchen can be improved by changing cabinet and drawer pulls, while the bedroom can benefit from new drapes and some fresh wallpaper.Change the light fixturesLight fixtures do more than illuminate a room—these can also change the look and feel of your space. If your light fixtures are giving off a 1980’s vibe, transform your space to the current year simply by changing up the fixtures. You can also add more illumination by installing LED strip lights under kitchen cabinets, along dark hallways, and under the stairs for instant impact. You can also replace typical bulbs with LED light bulbs, which are brighter, safer, and more cost-efficient than regular incandescent bulbs.Consider trying out any of these tips to do simple renovations on your rental property. For major renovation jobs, call an expert to ensure that you get your renovation done well and finished on time.