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Houzz released their 2018 U.S Houzz Kitchen Trends Study which outlined the biggest trends for kitchens right now. Sure enough, decluttering was one of the big trends, we’re taking a look into how you can declutter your kitchen, with the help of appliances, as well as general tips and tricks you can utilize:

  1. Keep Your Tasks Small

One of the challenges of decluttering is the time and energy that it generally takes to tidy up your space. Similar to any large project, cleaning a full kitchen in one day can be daunting and unrealistic. Instead, if you break your clean-up project into smaller tasks, the project will be done quicker and more effectively.

  1. Multi-Purpose Appliances and Cookware

Many appliances and cookware of today have been developed with decluttering in mind. If you’re in the market for new appliances, one of our decluttering recommendations is to look for appliances that have dual purposes, like a steam oven that combines a conventional oven with a healthy steam option.

  1. Clearing Space on Your Countertops

The top kitchen obsession when it comes to decluttering is with regards to countertops. To decrease clutter on your countertops, we recommend utilizing space on your wall instead.

  1. Flush-Install and Counter-Depth Appliances

Flush-install appliances are those that align with cabinets and countertops Counter-depth installation appliances result in the door sticking out a bit from the wall. Utilizing flush installation provides a clean, contemporary design, as everything aligns flawlessly together.

  1. Incorporating Minimalism into Your Life

Another way to decrease clutter in your home is by incorporating minimalism into your lifestyle to create clean, open spaces.

Any of these methods will help towards decluttering your kitchen, and most importantly, keep it decluttered longer! For the full article please have a look at Edmonds Fine Appliances website or click on this link