Timeless kitchen and bathroom tile

Timeless kitchen and bathroom tile - Read this home renovation insight now.

When it’s time to pick your finishing styles such as your kitchen and bathroom tile it can be incredibly fun and exciting, but also a little overwhelming. When deciding on certain finishes such as kitchen and bathroom tiles, there are lots of options and trends to be aware of which are constantly changing. Furthermore, It’s easy to fall into the trap of picking something you like right now, which might not age particularly well as trends change. 

Tile selection with reVISION Renovations

We assign you a Designer who helps advise and provide tile samples from different vendors and within different price ranges for you to review. We think it’s important your tiles are in line with your house, and won't look dated in a few year’s time. 

When reviewing your tile options, our Designer may also bring to the table samples of the other materials used in your home such as flooring and worktops. Another alternative is meeting the Designer on-site to review the tiles in the home. This helps ensure the tile is consistent with its surroundings. 

When considering tiles it’s important to take into consideration the look you want to achieve and the maintenance level. For example, larger tiles with less grout may be easier to keep clean in bathrooms. You may also want to consider the colour of the tile and grout. Bright colours may be your style now, but if it’s not your forever home, you may want to consider something more muted to ensure it’s not an issue when selling your home.  

It’s also important to think about the dimensions and space that you will be tiling. If it’s a complicated space with lots of corners or angles, using smaller tiles that need to be cut to shape could complicate the job. Your Designer will be able to help advise you which size and shape tile will make certain areas look best. 

Avoid the tile trendy trap

In terms of ensuring the tile is timeless, try to avoid trends or picking a tile without ensuring it aligns with the furnishings or fixtures. For example, if your kitchen has a mid-century modern vibe, picking a bright-colored tile won’t look dated as it’s aligned with the rest of the room. Typically, It’s when making selections without considering its surroundings that's you can fall into the trendy trap. 

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