Want to Love Your Renovation and Wow Your Friends? Part Two

Want to Love Your Renovation and Wow Your Friends? Part Two - Read this home renovation insight now.

Here it is... part two of the straight goods on how to have an award winning home renovation at a similar cost to many of the bland renovations you see today. The key is to hire a designer. Missed part one? Click here 2. Style. A designer that can do everything can do nothing. Look at their portfolio very carefully and get a sense of their style and see if that matches what you want. You also want a designer that can push you a little too.3. Partnership. Any good partnership there is a bit of give in take and a little pushing out of your comfort zone. Avoid a designer that only cares about what they like. At the same time avoid a designer that is passive or agreeable. Are you a shopper or do you like to just be served? Think about it and establish how involved you want to be and in what areas.4. Function. As much as we like things to be pretty, fundamentally the room (s) you are renovating have to be functional. A good designer will ask about you, how you want to use the space for family, entertaining, pets, etc. Your first meeting with the designer should be mostly about function.5. Budget. Be clear with the designer on what you are willing to spend on your home renovation. Letting a designer work without a budget and you'll end up with something you cannot afford (tajma hal bathroom anyone?). If the designer cannot or will not design to a budget then you are just wasting your time and money.6. Buying Savvy. You can spend $6/sq ft on generic tile at home depot or for the same price get a super cool tile at a shop you never knew existed. Many of these hidden gems are only known by contractors and designers and offer great discounts to the industry. Ask the designer where they source from. If the name is too well known or "high end" you may want to hire someone else.7. Design Cost and timeline. With a Loose timeline you better have deep pockets. I hate to say that some designers will run up the bill by taking their time with you. So ask what's the estimated design cost, what factors can drive the cost up or down and when will the design process be complete. If the designer is vague in response then you should consider someone else.There it is. My secret to award winning renovation that won't send you to the poor house. Happy renovatingRelated links