4 Reasons Why Renovating in the Winter is a Good Idea

4 Reasons Why Renovating in the Winter is a Good Idea - Read this home renovation insight now.

Typically, spring is the time when people start to get itchy feet and want to make tweaks to their homes. While the weather can be favourable for starting renovations (especially those that include external changes) in the spring and summer. We think there are some great perks to consider during winter renovations.

There is less humidity 

Painting the interior of your home on a boiling hot day is not only uncomfortable for vendors, but it can take twice as long to dry. In fact, anything that needs to dry during days of high humidity such as glue or mortar will be impacted. While warmer weather is much easier for external projects. When renovating in the winter we can control the temperature within the homes making the timing and results much more predictable.

Contractors are less busy 

This plays into your favour for two reasons, the lead time and the cost. Less demand means you don’t have to wait for contractors to become available. Typically in the spring or summer, your project could be delayed for weeks due to one busy contractor, having a knock-on effect on your project timeline. Due to lower demand, contractors may also be willing to lower their prices slightly meaning your project could be completed in a shorter time, for less money. 

Plan it around your vacation 

Many of us take family vacations around the winter. The festive spirit is in the air and you may find people are more willing to open up their home for you while your renovation project is being completed. Being out of the home during a renovation makes your life a lot easier. It means contractors can work without being concerned about causing disruptions or getting in the way.

Off-season discounts 

We can’t promise anything but some vendors want to clear out some of their stock before the year ends. This means prices may be more favourable than they were in the spring. This comes down to supply and demand. 

If you are considering completing a renovation this winter, feel free to reach out to our team at reVISION Custom Home Renovations to find out more.