How to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors during a renovation

How to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors during a renovation - Read this home renovation insight now.

After many renovation projects, we know the importance of keeping your neighbors on your side. It's important to remember that it's not just your family going through a renovation project, your neighbors are also impacted by the noise, commotion, and contractors who come and go. While it's not always top of mind to be concerned about the folks next door when you're deep in a busy and stressful renovation, a few considerations and actions go a long way to helping to maintain the relationship.

1. Do your research

This tip applies to a number of research elements. Ensure you use contractors who are professional and considerate. Make sure you're decisive throughout the project to ensure contractors don't have to return multiple times. Be aware of the project length so you can correctly inform your neighbors. Have the correct planning permission to complete the project. Basically, be prepared and do your homework.

2. Let them know what you're planning

Inform your neighbors of your plans so they aren't surprised when your home looks completely different.  Discuss the general details of whether it is just interior/exterior/addition.

3. Provide them with contractors contact information

It might be useful to provide a call sheet of your contractors phone numbers or leave your Project Managers phone number with your neighbors. This means if you aren't home and there is an issue with something like parking for example, your neighbors will know who to call.

4. Drop a small gift over

Keep them sweet with a small gift to say sorry for the commotion. It's also a great way to strike up a conversation allowing you to inform them of your plans.

5. Ensure the yard is tidy throughout the renovation

Limit the time your yard or front garden looks messy to ensure it doesn't decrease their curb appeal and stress them out.

6. Offer to help with a small improvement which also benefits them

Perhaps you have a joint fence that needs work, or a shared front garden. Offering to include this in the renovation can go a long way with keeping your neighbors happy during your renovation.

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