How to create a vision board for your home

How to create a vision board for your home - Read this home renovation insight now.

A vision board is one of the most valuable tools you can present a Designer during your renovation. Having a glimpse into your mind really helps our Designers to fully understand what you want to achieve with your project. To help you create your perfect vision board, we have compiled our top tips.

Create a Pinterest vision board 

The easiest way to get started it to create a Pinterest board and start searching for images you like. You can even download the app to make it even easier to browse. If you plan to do a whole home renovation, it’s a good idea to create a board per room. With that said, make sure your boards per room align nicely to ensure your whole home has good flow and consistency. You can even add your own photos or images found on social media to your Pinterest boards. 

Visit Vendors and take pictures

Pop into your local Home Depot to check out the paint, flooring or appliances section. Visit your the local flooring or appliance store and make sure you take lots of photos. If you haven’t already created your Pinterest boards, save these photos to a folder on your phone or a folder in your online drive. You may also wish to take samples from the stores that you can keep and share with your Designer once you reach this stage of the renovation project. It’s always great where possible to see samples of the product in person. 

Visit is a great resource that allows you to see a range of renovation images. It’s also a very valuable educational tool to help you get up to speed with all things renovation. This will help build your confidence when discussing your renovation with us or other vendors. It’s a really visual website so you can save any image you would like to replicate. 


If you’re not a technology wiz, grab some home magazines and start cutting out the pages of designs of rooms you like and create a physical vision board. Start with a large piece of cardboard and stick these images to it. You can then also add any samples such as paint samples, fabric textures etc.


You may already be following a number of interior design Instagram accounts. There are thousands of accounts that post beautiful pictures daily. You can either screen grab these photos and save them to your Pinterest board or save them directly to your Instagram. The great thing about Instagram is that it’s updated so regularly so once you find a few designers or renovation accounts that you like you have endless images to explore. 

Once you have created your vision board, we can help bring your vision to life.