Your November Vancouver Home Renovation Checklist

Your November Vancouver Home Renovation Checklist - Read this home renovation insight now.


The weather may be turning chillier and the leaves disappearing, but with the winter holidays approaching, you’re likely to have a bustle of activity states Laura Gaskill. Check off these 6 items from your November Vancouver Home Renovation to do list and spend the rest of the month enjoying the cozy season.

1. Get into the spirit - Add a little touch of the season throughout your home. You do not have to spend much, head outdoors and collect acorns and pinecones to make a simple centrepiece that will last indefinitely.

2. Check the sump pump - Laura Gaskill points out, If you have a sump pump to protect your basement in case of flooding, be sure to check it and make sure it is working properly before the November rains take their toll.

3. Get your Kitchen Organized - Deep cleaning your kitchen now will benefit you for the upcoming holiday seaon. Clean out your cupboards, get rid of the expired foods and add a little touch of elegance with bowls of apples, pomegranates and nuts in the shell, this makes for a fabulous table decor.

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4. Double check for safety - Take a walk around your home, check walkways, railings and stairs for winter safety. Ensure there are no items laying around, with the darker days it is extra important to ensure your walk ways are clear.

5. If you have not already, prepare your home for the winter freeze. Check out our blog “Is Your Vancouver Home Ready For Winter” for more information on protecting your home during the winter.

6. Keep your home fresh and cozy – Get ready for the holidays! Tis' the season. Decorate your home, spice up the couches with some patterned pillows, add a pop of colour in the corner wall and add some extra candles around the room. Brighten up your space and get ready to start the holiday season.