Riverdale: Sweet Water Makeovers

Riverdale: Sweet Water Makeovers - Read this home renovation insight now.

Ads a If you live in or around Vancouver, you'll have likely heard the buzz around Riverdale; the mysterious teen drama based on the Archie comic books which is being filmed in the lower mainland.

The filming locations of Riverdale have a very distinct mysterious style with the sets having a vampy mix of retro pieces with a modern twist. The aesthetics scream twin peaks, haunted hollywood and are very vampire-esque. As a result, this got us wondering how could we replicate some of these elements in our home. We have picked our top 3 sets from the show and broken down how you can incorporate some of the vampy style into your interiors.

Inspiration 1: Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe

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Pop's_Chock'lit_shoppe[/caption][caption id="attachment_5259" align="alignleft" width="300"]

riverdale_inside_pop's[/caption][caption id="attachment_5261" align="alignleft" width="300"]

riverdale-pops-inside-dinner[/caption]Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe is the 'Central Perk' of Riverdale. It's the meeting point for characters so therefore features poften in the show. We couldn't help but get inspired by the 50's retro/70's mobile home vibe. The checkered floor and bright red neon signs and seating are reminiscent of the iconic Mel's Drive In on the Sunset Blvd. We're not saying turn your kitchen into a grungy american style diner. But you could certainly take some inspo like CW did for an event they threw.[caption id="attachment_5265" align="alignleft" width="296"]


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American Diner Style Appliances

Appliances that add a pop of colour and a nod to the 50's can liven up a dull kitchen and add a fun element.

Kitchen Booth

Adding a coloured kitchen booth like 'Pops Chock'lit Shoppe' provides the family a fun place to enjoy meals together while being very easy to clean. Furthermore, the bright colour lightens up the room and ensures the booth is a focal point. We love the neon sign above the booth and the mix of classic wooden beams with modern furniture. (pictured above)

Checkered Flooring

Checkered flooring isn't just for the kitchen and it certainly doesn't have to be black and white. Another thing we love is this dark green and white flooring (above), mixed with the dark walls and foliage. The the deep green flooring colour provides a modern twist while the darker walls keep the room looking vampy and glam.

Inspiration 2: Veronica's apartment building (The Permanent Building Downtown)

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stained-glass[/caption][caption id="attachment_5274" align="alignleft" width="300"]

lock-volt[/caption][caption id="attachment_5276" align="alignleft" width="300"]

crown-molding-cove[/caption]Veronica's apartment building is actually the Permanent building in Downtown Vancouver. This heritage building exudes glamour and class. The original Bank of Canada vault door still stands in the main hall as well as the beautiful stained glass atrium over head. This is perfect apartment inspiration for those wanting a elegant and prestigious look.[caption id="attachment_5278" align="alignleft" width="200"]


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Stained Glass Windows

If you don’t have an atrium like Veronica, why not add stained glass to the bathroom. Due to the fact stained glass instantly adds drama, history and interest. The glass windows in the bathroom (above) provide beautiful colours which will change as the sun shines through. It also gives an element of privacy without having to frost the glass.

Crown moulding and framing doors and windows.

By framing the doors and windows you instantly make the room look more expensive and dramatic. This creates interesting lines for the eyes to follow and makes your home look far more upscale and traditional.

Metal and steel

It's ok, we can't afford our own steel vault in our home either. However, we can afford to introduce metal features such as this sink (above). By mixing metal with traditional materials such as wood, your home can look rustic and modern. The alternative textures really complement each other.

Inspiration 3: The Blossom Mansion

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riverdale-gate[/caption][caption id="attachment_5286" align="alignleft" width="300"]


Twitter @madelainepetsch[/caption][caption id="attachment_5287" align="alignleft" width="300"]

blossom-hall[/caption]The brick & stone Blossom Family Manor is impressive in size and quality. While located in South Langley, British Columbia, the property is the gem in our inspo blog. Notably, the dark wood, velvet and gold finishes provide a mysterious and rich atmosphere.[caption id="attachment_5292" align="alignleft" width="240"]


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Dark wood with gold accents

Don't be afraid of dark wood. It can be intimidating using dark wood, particularly with dark paint, however by adding gold accents the reflections lighten up the space and make the colours look far richer.

Fireplaces Gates and Tall Candles

We pay homage to the Blossom Mansion gates by including a smaller version in the fireplace (pictured above). Firstly this gate adds drama, secondly it contrasts well with the lighter fireplace. Tall candles often make appearances in the Blossom Mansion and by adding these around the fireplace it can be a great way to bring everything around the fireplace together. It's also common that fireplaces in vancouver are decommissioned but not removed. By going this, it's a great way to keep it a feature.


If we are talking vampy style, velvet has to be included! In order to ensure velvet doesn't look tacky you could add matte materials and matte paint around a feature velvet piece. Furthermore, this allows it to shimmer and stand out without clashing with any other shiny materials. Since in the Blossom Mansion (pictured above) velvet bedding and sofas are always the focal point.Here at Revision Renovations, we have in-house designers who will be able to help you pull these looks together from flooring to fixtures and fittings.Contact us and get started today!