'Play me a tune' - Whole home interior renovation

'Play me a tune' - Whole home interior renovation - Read this home renovation insight now.

For our latest project our clients wanted to renovate their dated home to create a modern, functional and sleek area, which they could share with their family. With their parents often staying for long periods of time throughout the year, the renovation needed to provide the family with a more practial living space.Because of family commitments the renovation needed to have an emphasis on being incredibly functional, but also fit with the taste of our professional home owners.During the project, we renovated the whole interior including; bathrooms, laundry room, living room and kitchen. We worked to create a light, airy, spacious feeling home with multiple areas for the family to relax.

Some of our favourite pieces in this renovation

The Blanco Culina Faucet from Kitchen and Bath Classics

Why: the faucet is not only functional but looks contemporary and stylish with a nod to the popular industrial trend.


The flooring throughout the property from Monarch

Why: The lighter flooring creates a bright, airy feel while bringing a nice flow to both floors, making the two story home feel much larger.


The bathroom tiles - Suede Taupe Porcelain tile from Fontile

Why: The back wall feature tiles add texture and depth while the side walls ensure the area remains light and airy.


Fireplaces from Fireplaces Unlimited

Why: The fireplace brings a warm, cosy feeling to a light and modern space. Most importantly it's practical.


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