Probing Questions to Consider When Hiring a Renovation Company

Probing Questions to Consider When Hiring a Renovation Company - Read this home renovation insight now.

With so many different renovation companies and Design Builders out there its hard to compare one to the next. Below are a set of questions to ask yourself and then to ask the firm you are thinking about hiring. To make it easy, we've put down our answers for you.1. Is it important to you that your contractor is truthful and transparent with construction costs?reVISION Custom Home Renovations passes on our wholesale costs directly to our customers. There are no hidden costs. You see our invoices we get from our vendors and suppliers. 2. Is it important to you to hire a firm to take care of all the details and paperwork from beginning to endFrom Proposal to final construction inspection, reVISION Custom Home Renovations handles all the details for you. Our team of expert designers and project managers will pilot you through budget, design permits and construction so you can sit back and enjoy your new space.3. Is it important to you to have a working budget at the start of the project?With our clients we build a rough budget. Our design team uses the rough budget to drive toward your goals. Before construction starts, we review a final working budget with you to approve or tweak before we get started.4. Is it important to you to be updated weekly on your project budget?Each week our office manager will send you a budget update on what was spent versus what was budget and what is remaining 5. Is it important to you to work with a Firm that is BBB accredited?reVISION is an accredited BBB business. Accredited businesses have been reviewed by the BBB and reVISION is committed to BBB Code of Business Practices. Those practices are: Build Trust, Advertise Honestly, Tell the Truth, Be Transparent, Honor Promises, Be Responsive, Safeguard Privacy and Embody Integrity6. Is it important to you to work with a cohesive design and construction company?Our designers and project managers are full time revision employees and only work on reVISION Projects. We do this to deliver a consistent product and a seamless customer experience.7. Is it important to you to work with a firm current on all the new building bylaws and construction practices?Our team is trained and experienced with the latest construction bylaws and practices to not only get through the permitting and inspection process quicker but to deliver you a safe and energy efficient home.8. Is it important to you have a detailed renovation agreement?With our clients we review and agree to a very extensive renovation document that protects all parties.9. Is it important to you for the workers to be safe?All of our projects are equipped with the necessary protections and first aid equipment.10. Is it important to you to work with a firm that has a very detailed design and construction process?We don't “wing” it here at revision. Each project goes through the same steps every time to minimize surprises, improve the customer experience and delivery of a consistent product.11. Is it important to you that a renovation company can accept visa and mastercard?For our customers convenience and benefit we accept Visa and Mastercard. Many of our clients have gone on vacation with the credit card points they accumulated paying for the renovation. 12. Is it important to you to have custom design that's uniquely yours?No two customers are the same. Our designers work with you to deliver a renovation that’s uniquely yours and will improve the quality of your home life. 13. Is it important to you to meet the management team before work starts?We will be in your life for a long time. We encourage clients to meet the reVISION team to get a feel of what we are about and if we are a mutual fit.14. Is it important to you to minimize any surprises or unforeseen costs?Our team will do “exploratory” work to discover as many unforeseen items as possible in order to minimize surprises that renovations can bring.