reVISION Review: What's happening weekly

reVISION Review: What's happening weekly - Read this home renovation insight now.

Revision reVIEW: Renovation News

How is it almost March? February has flown by and spring is on it's way (we hope). This week we have major inspo from houzz and House and Home! Reno rules, porch inspo, mid century colourful homes and all things Camel (the colour of course).


10 Reno Rules That Designers Swear By

We love finding out what other designers think are important when it comes to renovations. House and Home ask 10 designers the top rules they follow when completing a renovation. From sticking to decisions to splurging on key items the tips are a great read for anyone planning a renovation. Read here.


Get Your Porch Ready for Spring Sitting

Ok, so we know it's not spring just yet (sadly) but it's on its way, it's the end of February after all! Getting a few items we can add to our porch now means when the sun comes out we can start to enjoy it immediately. Houzz provide us with inspo and ideas we had never thought of doing! Check out their best spring porches here.


Houzz Tour: Simular to our 'Orange is the new black' renovation

We noticed this colourful renovation on Houzz and it instantly reminded us of one of our latest renovations - 'Orange is the new black'. We love it when clients are bold and fill their homes with personality. This home has pop's of colour, funky tiles and mid century elements. We love it! It's one to check out if you love patterns and mid century finished. See the pictures here.


2018 Colour Of The Year, Camel

Have you noticed how popular camel is? This February we have been obsessed with it. The best part about the colour camel is it looks great in all finished - leather, paint, cotton etc! We love this photo collection of Camel items and are desperate to find ways to integrate the colour into our homes. View the album here.