reVISIONS 2018 New Year's Resolutions

reVISIONS 2018 New Year's Resolutions - Read this home renovation insight now.

We are really proud of everything we achieved in 2017! It was a fantastic year for us that included some stunning renovations which changed our clients lives.It's really important to us that we progress and grow as a business and as individuals in 2018. This allows us to continue to deliver the highest quality services and enjoy ourselves along the way!We have put together our resolutions/goals for 2018 to make sure we stay on track and make it a year to be proud of!

2018 New Year Resolutions

1. Continue to live by our values

In 2017 we created five values which we aim to live by as a company. Active Living, Have fun, Personal Growth, Relationship Builder and Do the Right Thing. We did a great job of implementing these values into our work and personal lives in 2017, however we know we can do this far more in 2018. It's important to all of us at reVISION Custom Home Renovations to self invest. Sometimes, taking a little time out to have some fun or build relationships both internally and externally can really make a difference to the quality of our work.

Value highlights of 2017:

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2. Make time to reflect throughout the year

Each of our employees have their own quarterly goals to help us deliver to the highest standards within our roles and 2018 will be no different. This year we must take time out to reflect and review our goals to see if we are on track and achieving. We can get super busy throughout the year, but it's imperative we set time aside in order to evaluate and adjust.

3. Keep up to date with the latest trends and changes in the construction and renovation industry

The industry is ever changing and evolving. Information sharing is important to ensure we can help advise our clients, suppliers and trades. Self educating and paying close attention to relevant information sources mean we are always able to provide the best solutions.

4. Continue to educate ourselves in our sectors

It's essential to self educate in order to evolve. In 2017 our Interior Designers, Project Managers, Office Manager, Marketing Manager and even our Co-owners all made changes, completed courses or attended webinars or talks in order to stay on the top of our game. In 2018 it's important to us to dedicate even more of our time towards self education.

5. Keep striving to maintain great relationships with our clients and provide them with a home they love

We have had the privilege of working with fantastic clients who trusted us to renovate their home into something they love in 2017. We aim to continue to work closely with our current and new clients in 2018, listen to their wants and goals and create their vision.

6. Continue to work closely with our suppliers and trade

Last year we hosted a breakfast meeting to discuss how we can improve our work, communication and relationships. We found this to be incredibly helpful and would like to implement similar activities in 2018. It's important we work cohesively on projects. A solid team means we can work quicker, harder and without hiccups.

7. Continue to gain client feedback to help us improve and evolve

We want to make client feedback an important goal of 2018. It helps us to grow and make positive changes while also providing people searching for a renovation company with a true and fair view of our company. Word of mouth is so important to us!

8. Be awesome and win awards

Finally we want to be the best version of reVISION Custom Home Renovations that we can be. We think the work we have completed in 2017 is fantastic and have our fingers crossed that judges agree! Going forward into 2018 we want to create homes that make people say 'WOW'.