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August 2013 Newsletter

August 29, 2013

In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter:

3 Ways To Keep Your Renovation Out Of The Courthouse

Renovators share 3 common homeowner myths and offer advice for homeowners to consider before doing a DIY renovation or hiring a Vancouver contractor.

1. Renovation coverage under original insurance policy – 56 percent of homeowners believe they will be covered by their original insurance policy during their renovation. This is incorrect, depending on the type of renovation you may be required to change your policy to “building under construction”.
2. Homeowners are not responsible for any contractor injuries – Though Vancouver contractors are trained professionals accidents do happen. Some homeowners incorrectly believe that they are not responsible for any injuries which take place on site. Read more…

Capitalize On Your Rental Property With Home Renovations

Teya Mali, the lady in charge at Homeroom Small Business Solutions Inc. shares her top secrets on how to capitalize on your rental property. She outlines write-offs which you can claim against your rental property income.

“As a bookkeeper and tax consultant I am often asked the question “is there are way that I can save money on, or claim a tax deduction for my home renovations”” Read more

Set The Mood Right With Perfect Lighting

Lighting is functional and transformational. Innovative lighting trends are taking luxurious home design to the future. Kirsten Sutton, reVISION’s head designer shares different types of lighting which can be used throughout your home:

1. Layered Kitchen Renovation Lighting – Largest lighting trend of the year. Creates flexibility through intensity and lights up the right areas when you need it most.
2. Brass, Nickel and Chrome – Metallic accents add unique detail, texture and luxury. Light bounces and glistens off of metallic fixtures or metallic accents. Read more…

reVISION’S Featured Project

Ritz it up on Richards – Bathroom Renovation

2011 Georgie Award Finalist – “Best Renovation – Any Room”















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reVISION Announces Partnership With Kevin Parenteau

reVISION Custom Home Renovations Inc. is pleased to announce the recent Partnership with Kevin Parenteau to lead reVISION’s sales and marketing department. Kevin Parenteau comes with over 15 years of Operations, Sales and Marketing experience within the construction industry. Most recently… Read more

Bathroom Renovation Tips – 6 Ways To Create Your Very Own Private Oasis

reVISION shares 6 ways to remodel your bathroom into your very own private oasis.

1. Add a customized rain shower – Nothing takes you away to the tropics quite like a rain shower
2. Keep in Natura – Bring those outdoors in with pebble mats and natural looking tile.
3. Enjoy a few moments of serenity – The addition of a soaker tub is a perfect tranquil escape Read more…

Quick Tip – Add Ledgestone Tile

The natural look and feel of ledgestone makes a stunning statement in your bathroom. When installing Ledgestone choose downlighting to wash the walls with light, this will help highlight the textures and shadows that the ledgestone creates.

Pairing The Antique With The Sleek

There are multiple reasons why you should “mix it up” and pair antique lights with your brand new remodel, namely it looks amazing, but here are a few to start the conversation.

1. This is a big one it helps transcend time periods & trends. Theres nothing worse than 5 years after you’ve redecorated to feel like you are surrounded by yesterdays news.
2. It adds depth and texture to a room – You’d be surprised how many folks respond to visually interesting things when they walk into a room… Read more…


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