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August 2009 Renovation Newsletter

August 25, 2009

In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter:


reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter

At award winning reVISION Custom Home Renovations, our mission is to “make it happen” and help you realize your vision for your renovation. We partner with you to make your dream a reality.

Our best indication of a job well done is your smile of satisfaction – on this project and the one we are called back to do for you in the future.

Welcome to reVISION Renovation’s… reTHINK YOUR SPACE. Each month I will provide you with renovation tips, educate you about our industry and help you generate ideas. I look forward to staying connected with you!



Todd Senft
reVISION Renovations


“Todd is very organized and detail-oriented as well as being incredibly reliable…Todd represents a high level of professionalism within the work being done as well as on a personal level.” – David C.


About Todd Senft & reVISION Renovations

The building of quality renovations is in our blood. Today, the principal owner of the company, Todd Senft, and his team of dedicated professionals, brings the tenets of ethics, creativity and passion for excellence to every project.

We actively participate in our industry driving for improved standards, accountability and “best practice” guidelines. Commitments to customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship and design excellence are the building blocks of our company.

Read more about our Commitment to You and the Environment.


Chill & Grill in 4-season Style

This unique 4-season West Coast entertainment space was created to complement a lifestyle centered around family, friends, food and fun.

Existing pool area was married into flow of new space to create a 4-season exterior space that incorporates a bar, open kitchen, BBQ pit, fireplace, hot tub and a shower/change area for year-round, exterior entertaining.


Renovation Tips from the Pros

A good renovation agreement should include:

  • Description of Work, Specifications and/or a Set of Plans
  • Insurance coverage
  • Warranty coverage
  • Payment terms
  • A process for documenting and managing changes
  • Start and completion dates

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