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  1. IDSW-design-milk

    reVISION Review: What’s Happening Weekly

    October 12, 2017
    Revision reVIEW: Renovation News It’s been a busy few weeks around the office. Our designers have been attending design events such as IDS Vancouver – Vancouver’s Interior Design Show. The show welcomes individual designers, artists, makers and design-centric brands. Our Project Managers have been running around finishing up our latest...
  2. winter-is-coming

    Winter Is Coming: How to keep your home warm

    October 11, 2017
    FEATURE BLOG: Sally Writes, Wall Fireplace Pro Keep Your Home Warm in Winter Temperatures in Vancouver in Winter are normally down to 38°F. It’s extremely important to keep your home warm and well-insulated. Insulating your house will help preserve energy, costing you less money and helping to look after the environment. Over half...
  3. Metro-news

    An opportunity to skyrocket your land value and make $$$!

    October 5, 2017
    Increase your land value Great news for homeowners who want to increase the their land value by creating laneway and duplex homes. Vancouver city council have approved changes allowing more development on RS (single family zones) and RT (two family zones), meaning you can increase your land value. More...
  4. fall-design-trends-2017

    Fall 2017 Design Trends

    September 28, 2017
    Fall 2017 Design Trends With the season changing so do the interior design trends. Fall brings with it warm tones, cozy fabrics and festive decor. It may rain a lot in fall in Vancouver, but that’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up by the fire and tweak your decor...
  5. fall-weekend-activities-renovation

    reVISION Review: What’s Happening Weekly

    September 27, 2017
    Fall Renovation – Revision reVIEW: Renovation News Fall Renovations October is fast approaching and it’s got us wanting to decorate our homes with warm orange and terracotta colours.  This week we check out decorating ideas inspired by the change of the season. How to clean your washing machine and the...
  6. september-to-dos-vancouver-renovations

    reVISION Review: What’s Happening Weekly

    September 5, 2017
    Revision reVIEW: Renovation News It’s now September which means the start of Fall and Labour Day weekend. With that said, we hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and are ready to take on this month in style! We feature historical homes, porches and find out if bubblegum pink...
  7. basement renovation

    From Rec to Rentals – What To Do With Your Basement Renovation?

    August 30, 2017
    Basement suites are incredibly common in the Lower Mainland, yet many sit unused and gathering dust. What to do with them? That's the big question. Do you create a whole new suite? A family room? A playroom? the list goes on. With living space being a luxury here in...
  8. Organization By Design

    August 15, 2017
    VANCOUVER is a real estate hot spot! The mild West coast weather is a huge draw coupled with the mix of mountains and seaside beauty. You can go to the beach and snow ski all in the same day! It’s a gem that is well-known around the world.  While...
  9. basement-makeover-renovation

    5 Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Basement A Makeover

    October 30, 2017
      Basement Makeover A survey has shown that more Canadians will be renovating their homes this year. Moreover, the rising cost of house prices are making Canadians think twice about buying a new home, and 56% of homeowners are opting to stay put and renovate instead of moving to a...
  10. dorm-room-inspo

    reVISION Review: What’s Happening Weekly

    August 22, 2017
    Revision reVIEW: Renovation News Back to school is creeping closer and closer and before we know it, it’ll be fall. Time to get organized, and pack as much as possible into the last of the summer days. Houzz helps us get homework ready with some cool ideas for children...
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