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Quartz vs Granite Surface – An Interview With Cambria Quartz

June 27, 2017

When it comes to picking out surfaces for your new kitchen or bathroom renovation it can be hard to know which type of surface will best suit your lifestyle and home.


You might know you want a white kitchen, a style that’s been very trendy lately. However, it’s important to know if that’s practical? If you decide to sell your home, will it still be trendy? Are the surfaces you pick going to be high maintenance? These are questions you’ll need answering before you can decide on surfaces for both your kitchen and bathrooms.

Quartz vs Granite – Let’s find out what the expert thinks.

We talked to Tiffani Epperson-Reeve from Cambria about their surfaces, the differences between Cambria quartz and granite, why they like working with us and what will be the new hot trends this year.

The below info sheet tells you everything you will need to know about Cambria to make an informed decision about your new surfaces.

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Cambria Infographic

Quartz vs Granite:

Strength & Durability
Cambria is much harder than granite or marble making it more durable. That means Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of flawless service.

Maintenance Free
Granite and marble require regular sealing and polishing. With Cambria, all you need to do is wipe it down with a little warm water and mild soap.

A Healthy Kitchen
Cambria is nonporous and nonabsorbent so it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria.

If your still unsure what surface type you should pick, check out this fantastic video from Cambria

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