November 2012 Renovation Newsletter

November 2012 Renovation Newsletter - Read this home renovation insight now.

In this issue of reVISION's Renovation Newsletter:


reVISION's Featured Project

Let the Outdoors In – Vancouver Home Addition

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National Sam Award Finalist in the "Home Renovations – Additions" categoryJoin us on Facebook and our website for more pictures of this project and many others![divider_top]

Coats for Kids

GVHBA launched its 17th annual Coats for Kids campaign in support of the lower mainland Christmas bureau. The public is invited to drop off apparel at participating members' offices from November 19 to December 7, 2012.The public response last year was heartwarming, with more than 3,000 coats, scarves, gloves, mittens, blankets, toques and toys donated for distribution to families in need throughout the Greater Vancouver area.For more information on the campaign and to view participating members please visit[divider_top]

To Build or Renovate

Many Homeowners have the question weather to renovate their place or start from scratch. Here are a couple of factors to consider:

  • Get an estimate - Before you commit to a renovation, getting an estimate can give you a sense of how much you will be spending. This will give you the ability to decide whether it's worth living in your space or starting from scratch.
  • Find a good contractor - A good contractor will want the estimate to be a joint venture. You'll collaborate to assign a realistic budget to the work you want done. Make sure you find a contractor who knows the demolishing and renovation costs so they can accurately predict to you how much the trades will charge for upfront work.
  • Incentives - Rebates are offered by the government for home renovations. Incentives can really benefit small scale-upgrades.
  • Eco-friendliness - Think green, there's nothing greener than working with what you already have. Doing a renovation to upgrade your home using sensible materials is much more eco- friendly than ripping down your home and putting it in a landfill.


3 Benefits to Installing Radiant Heat

  1. Heat distribution - Radiant heat evenly distributes warmth through your home with steady and even temperature. It uses the natural circulation of heat within a room to warm it as opposed to forced-air heating.
  2. Lower thermostat settings - You will quickly notice that you can lower your thermostat and remain comfortable. In most cases you can reduce your average thermostat set point by up to 4% overall. This will help to lower your energy bill.
  3. Clears the air - Radiant heating does not promote the movement of allergens compared to a forced air system.



Schluter- Kerdi - Boards

Whether you work with mosaics or large format tiles, a flat, level, plumb, square substrate is essential for creating a perfect tile covering.The benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Build a tile-ready surface without wood or cement board
  • No additional surface preparation required
  • Ideal for wet areas
  • Schluter- Kerdi - Boards are waterproof, vapor retardant and dimensionally stable.
  • Easy to transport and work with
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for use on any kind of structure
  • 7 thickness available

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