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  1. October 2009 Renovation newsletter photo

    October 2009 Renovation Newsletter

    October 30, 2009
    In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter: 2009 Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show 2009 Georgie Awards Nominations Heritage Haven Project Laneway Housing Approved in the City of Vancouver
  2. reVISION on Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag

    October 7, 2009
    reVISION’s Outdoor Kitchen project was featured on the W Network’s Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag as their cooking location for the episode “A Good Catch.”
  3. September 2009 Renovation newsletter photo

    September 2009 Renovation Newsletter

    September 28, 2009
    In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter: Laneway Housing Approved in the City of Vancouver Heritage Haven Project Free Trade Show Tickets
  4. BCRenonation – Out with the old, in with the new.

    September 23, 2009
    The decision to move from a home in the suburbs to a condo in Coal Harbour, for a young family with two toddlers, was not taken lightly… The neighbourhood was right, the square footage of the condo was perfect, but in order to make the space work for this...
  5. August 2009 Renovation newsletter

    August 2009 Renovation Newsletter

    August 25, 2009
    In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter: reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter About Todd Senft & reVISION Renovations Chill & Grill in 4-season Style Renovation Tips from the Pros
  6. Stunning renos designed to inspire

    June 14, 2009
    Chill out and grill! This award-winning outdoor kitchen is all about luxurious al fresco dining.
  7. Tri-City News: Two dream kitchens in one 70s-era house

    June 12, 2009
    You wouldn’t know if from the front of the 70’s-era Coquitlam rancher, but the backyard of this unassuming Kelvin Street home – with its sleek outdoor kitchen, mammoth barbecue and sunken hot tub – is, for those who like to entertain, very well near heaven on earth.
  8. Debbie Travis: Outdoor kitchens are hot, hot, hot

    July 19, 2008
    The last decade has seen an unprecedented focus on home design and decoration. Whether living in a rental, a condo, a fixer-upper or a new house, people everywhere are enthusiastically putting their own stamp on their surroundings…
  9. Good Life Connoisseur – Chill and Grill

    June 21, 2008
    Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s no surprise that this busy space has moved outdoors, complete with all the modern conveniences. The beloved barbecue no longer stands on its own.
  10. Home Makeover – Canada’s Best Kitchen

    June 1, 2008
    Kitchen renovation is among the most hotly contested categories in the annual national SAM Awards, presented by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA), which draw eager entries from coast to coast.
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