Sugar Coated – Studio Loft Renovation

CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence Finalist Whole House – $150,000 to $300,000 

East Vancouver Studio Loft Renovation

Purpose of the loft renovation and achievement of clients’ renovation needs

Former candy factory condo has been modernized into a chic NYC loft for our stylish client. Stone and brick walls retained the character of the property and loft renovation is now decluttered and open. Our well travelled client wanted to integrate their personal style, achieved by providing space for keepsakes. The existing kitchen stainless steel appliances, were complemented witha different style of rustic and reclaimed wood.

Careful and innovative detailing

Union Wood created built in storage and display fixtures in a style that reflects the industrial, heritage of the building. In addition, careful thought was put into the downstairs bathroom tile pattern, grout colour and black rim on the shower glass entry.

Creativity in design and details

New to the market, gas fireplace enabled us to drywall up to the unit, creating a sleek finish. Consequently the top vent eliminates need for non combustible surround. Since our client is in the fashion industry a large closet that didn’t overpower the room was created. Waterfall style, durable rustic oak kitchen island creates a practical and trendy seating area. The built-in rustic barn wooden headboard houses the piping elegantly. Furthermore, the same wood is used in the opposing sideboard.

Functionality and efficient use of space, taking into consideration strata-imposed limitations

The Stairs in this loft renovation have been flipped to making the layout more practical and an extended the island was created. As a result, the upstairs room partitions were removed to create more space. Sliding barn doors allows for larger bathrooms. Due to Strata the tub couldn’t move. Removing the platform makes it feel more inclusive of the bedroom.

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