Ritz it up on Richards – Bathroom Renovation


The elegance and priceless work of art in this ensuite and main bathroom speaks for itself. reVISION “Ritz it up on Richards”. The art of a 600 air imperial shower head with 3 spray modes, 12 inch dual rain and triple massage transforms an ordinary ensuite bath into a stimulating wellness shower. The floor to ceiling glass walls imbedded with a channel gives the look of frameless glass in this spa like shower. A hidden built in total sense steam generator gives the option to unwind and revitalize the body. The carefully picked marble tiling gave the last finishing touch and an expression of “WOW what an incredible work of art.”

Allowing friends to feel the same luxury, the specific finishing touches made the main bathroom sparkle. reVISION ripped out a standard shower and replaced it with a wider, floor to ceiling glass shower with spa like features. Exploring the creative side, a unique shaped vapor green sink was installed to give the last touch of elegance.

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