Orange Is The New Black – Whole Home Renovation

Whole Home Renovation – Richmond

Project Summary

Our client wanted to convert the home she grew up in, into a multigenerational home for her family and her father in Richmond. The new layout provides private areas for each member of the family. The kitchen and living area achieves the goal to improve the size of the rooms the clients use as a family. 

We closed in three quarters of the carport to add square footage and accommodate this large family. Father’s room moved and expanded from a small second floor bedroom to a large main floor suite with a bathroom, bedroom and living/office area. Every room was moved to a different location. This meant challenges such as gas lines and window placements had to be considered. The clients wanted their home to reflect their personalities. Finishes, colours and patterns needed to be fun, colourful and family friendly. Existing mid century furniture were also considered when designing the layout.

Project Goals, Unique Design Elements and Special Features

Clients were previously working from home in a small cramped studio (pantry closet). A much larger office now stands in place of the father’s office with a funky orange barn door. Clients wanted styles that they would love forever. This dictated unique elements such as the laminate riser and carpet tread.  The playful floor tiles in her daughter’s bathroom and the pop of colour behind the stove are also nod to personality. Large family room windows, patios door, skylights and vaulted ceilings achieve the goal of bringing in natural light to the main floor.

Creative Use Of Space and Functionality

By moving the stairs into the carport, the main floor could be opened up to create a parental suite. In turn this freed up more space on the first floor. The top of the stairs was opened up by the use of a half partition wall, a design feature the clients love. The clients wanted to keep the majority of their daughter’s toys in her bedroom away from the main floor. Her room is now more than twice the size, providing a playful sanctuary with space for sleepovers. The master suite now occupies half of the upper floor. Both the bedroom and master ensuite has an abundance of storage and floor space.

Addressing Challenges

Due to a gasline the office was unable to have a larger window. To let in more light we put a transom window in the wall partitioning the living room and the office. The client had key furniture pieces she wanted to be accommodated into the plans. For example, mid century radio and large couch had to be considered in the living room plans. The client wanted a particular layout for the tiles in her daughter’s bathroom and behind the stove. Our designer and client worked on site to get the layout perfect. The client initially wanted a three story home. Due to restrictions we had to manage expectations and strive to get the perfect home for our clients within two floors.

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