Grandkids & Granville Island – Luxury Condo Renovation

Luxury Condo Renovation

Our happily retired clients wanted a spacious base close to their grandchildren, without sacrificing on entertaining space. Being avid travellers; easy to maintain, durable surfaces were essential. Emphasized turning this garish, quick fix luxury condo renovation into a modern linear line lovers dream.
We ensured the fireplace, TV and careful positioning of the tile surround didn’t disturb the clean lines. Installing soft touch, pop out plugs, combining ease of use with flush finishes. We advised against inconsistent rope lighting for the alcoves, instead, measuring and placing each light strip with an ambience dimmer. Installed a multicoloured strip light in the grandkids bedroom for entertainment purposes.  The large rimmed bathtub has a slight slope, ensuring water doesn’t collect.
Created shade in this sunny nest with power blinds, complemented with light panelled, walnut doors. Large floor tiles are used throughout adding flow, while the glass backsplash allows light to bounce around. Sliding closet doors kept in line with the clients desire of clean lines.
Reducing the depth of the fireplace minimized the obstruction to the view. Clean countertop lines are achieved by placing the microwave in the lower cabinets, while in the bathroom a double sink was installed with a complimentary framed and backlit mirror.
LED lighting and energy star appliances are throughout. Tiles provide an easy to clean, allergen-free zone while digital thermostats mean our clients now have the option to control their heat remotely.

Some Challenges

Upon the demolition phase, water supply lines were located on opposite sides of the home and affected the surrounding units. Rewiring of the whole condo and bringing it to code after discovering twenty-four hidden electrical junction boxes. Lastly, it took three days to level the floor essential when using large floor tiles.

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