Kitchen and Family Room Renovation – Family Recipe

Kitchen and Family Room Renovation

Our clients wanted kitchen and family room renovation to bring back the original mid-century modern style while also being functional for our keen bakers across three generations. Originally built in the 60’s and previously renovated in the 90’s, we’ve restored this kitchen and family room back to its intended style

The Work

Our clients wanted more natural light so we removed the large stone fireplace wall which partitioned the living and kitchen area, removed the sunshine ceiling and added two skylights. Our keen baker now has a pull-out mixer, a pot filler next to the stove and bespoke drying racks. The extra-large non-porous quartz island means the family can all enjoy mealtimes and bake together.

Track lighting on the beams is cleverly blended and positioned to add dramatic light. The cabinets are walnut-look laminate, a mindful choice to ensure they don’t fade from the sunlight. Instead of an overhead rangehood, we added a downdraft pop up from the cooktop. Rather than handles, small finger lips open the top cabinets adding to the sleek finish. 

New skylights mean the clients hardly turn their lights on and all appliances are energy star efficient. A hump in the center of the floor was levelled and installation of new locally-sourced flooring complementing the cabinets and wood ceiling. Swapping the living and dining areas allows the kitchen, dining room and deck to flow, limiting the need for a separate outdoor kitchen.

A keen baker, our clients love the custom drawers, spice racks and decorative soap dispenser. We ensured that the walnut cabinets didn’t overwhelm the room by mixing in white front-facing cabinets. Sky blue backsplash tiles add a small pop of colour without detracting from the rich walnut. The kitchen is now back to the home’s original mid-century style which aligns with the client’s furniture and personal style. The three types of wood used on the cabinets, flooring and ceiling work together in modern elegance and don’t absorb the light airy feeling in the room.


Opening the ceiling and rearranging the layout, this kitchen is now at the heart of the home. The panelled counter depth refrigerator blends seamlessly into the space while allowing easy access to everything inside. Multiple entry points were taken into consideration since this is a heavy traffic kitchen. With three generations living under one roof, it is essential that this kitchen can seat and accommodate everyone. The large island for prepping meals which is an important part of valuable family time to our client. Finally, quartz countertop installation for durability and finish.

Some Challenges

Hiding the wiring for the track lighting within a ceiling that was vaulted and fully insulated posed a challenge. We re-did the roof which allowed us to wire the lighting from the topside as needed. Cutting the hole for the downdraft pop up through to the exterior wall. Levelling the flooring also provided us with issues during the renovation. Finally, cleaned the old paint lines from the tongue and groove ceiling to reveal its original beautiful form.


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