Deep Cove Do Over – Kitchen Renovation

This beautiful home down in Deep Cove needed a “Deep Cove do over”.

reVISION opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room to allow easier access from the custom millwork bar serving area to the kitchen. While bakin’, our bachelor can view his 52″ wall-mounted big screen television from the kitchen area with a simple adjustment to the wall bracket. He’ll also hear every note through the 8-speaker surround sound system that is capable of hooking up to an iPod. As a fan of many sports, this social bachelor is able to entertain his guests, watch the game, converse with friends in the living room and still keep an eye on his secret recipe chili.

With two access points to the kitchen, it allows guests to travel freely from the bar area to the kitchen and through to the living area. Opening up the kitchen/dining room and moving the fridge from its former location allowed for more natural light to enter through the six glass panels on the front patio into the kitchen area.

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